7 Deal Sites for Your Best Weekend Ever

If you don’t have all of these applications on your phone then you are missing out on some major deals.

I use each of these sites for both weekends in town and vacations. From restaurants to local events, these deal sites will save you hundreds, while making sure you are always having the best weekends ever.

These sites can also be used to help you plan great dates that don’t break the bank.

Whether you are looking to have the best weekend, vacation, or date night these 7 sites will ensure you stay on budget.



This one might be a no brainer, but if  you aren’t using it when planning your weekends then you are missing out.

Hotels, entertainment, and dinning deals make Groupon the all in one hub to ensure that you are making the best of your weekends.

Tip: Groupon runs promotions weekly so be sure to look for the deal banner at the top of the website or application to get extra savings. Get the application here.


Living Social

Similar to Groupon, Livingsocial is a one stop shop for deals. Livingsocial works out different deals with vendors, so it often has deals that Groupon may not(and vise versa).

Livingsocial’s page called, “Popular Local Deals,” keeps you in the know on what people are taking advantage of around town. Check out the site here.

Travelzoo Local Deals


Often used for deals on flights and hotels, Travelzoo is often overlooked for it’s local deals.

Although Travelzoo doesn’t offer the variety that Groupon and Livingsocial boost, it often has local deals that are not offered anywhere else.

This is one of my favorite website to use for spa days, cooking classes, hotels, and luxury restaurant deals. Click here to check out Travelzoo Local Deals.

Local Flavor


Originally known as “Deal Chicken,” Local Flavors was one of the first deal sites to come out beside Groupon. Local Flavors is another great site when you are looking for somewhere to eat or something to do locally.

I just recently used the application’s map view to find restaurants close to my work that offered deals. I found two of my favorite local restaurants on the site. Click here to see Local Flavors. 

Gilt City


This is for all you big city people. Gilt City is currently only in select cities(and Phoenix is not one of them). Don’t let that fact deter you!

You can use this site/application when traveling to some of the highest priced cities American. With deals in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Miami, Gilt City is sure to help you save.



Goldstar offers discounted tickets to everything from comedy shows and theater productions to sporting events.

One of my favorite features on the site is the search feature that allows you to pick a specific city and date or date range. This is great for both local tickets or tickets while traveling. Click here to Sign Up for Goldstar.

Seize the Deal


We have seen deal sites for big cities, but what about smaller cities? Seize the Deal offers deals for smaller cities.

Whether you are from or visiting places like Lansing or Missoula, you are sure to find deals on Seize the Deal.



Restaurant.com offers gift certificates to restaurants at a discounted price. For example, you could by a $25 gift certificate for $10 with a minimum purchase of $50. So you would be saving $15.

The best time to get a Restaurant.com certificate is when they offer discounts. I have seen discounts from 50%-80%, which could make the $10 cost only $2-$5.

Restaurant.com is my go-to when I am planning a group or high priced dinner. Simply because I know I am going to spend a good deal of money, so the minimum required purchase amount is never a problem.




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