Mastering Craigslist Free Stuff

If you have never been on the “Free Stuff” page of Craigslist you are really missing out. I was up early this morning checking out some furniture on Craigslist and OfferUp, when I stumbled across the Free Stuff page. I found tables, chairs, entertainment centers, moving boxes, and tons of things that just need a little love.

I came up with the idea to pick some of it up and refinish it for some quick cash. Look forward to those posts soon. In the meantime, I found some free firewood for our fire pit. The man who posted it even chopped it up so it would fit perfectly. The house was located on the way to work.

I quickly jumped in the car and headed there. Luckily, the posting was only 15 minutes old when I had saw it. It took me about 45 minutes to get ready, get in the car, and head to their house. It cost me nothing but gas and time for about $100 worth of firewood.

3 Tips to Using the Free Stuff Section on Craigslist:

  1. Pay attention to the date and time it was posted. Things go quickly and often people forget to take down posts. If you think it might not be there anymore, I recommend emailing the post and inquiring before heading to the location.
  2. Be sure to read any special instructions or comments about what they are selling. Most people will post if there is damage to the item. They also often will put instructions on where to pick it up if they are leaving it out for someone to pick up when they are not home.
  3. Contact the person who posted it directly to hold the item for you. People are just looking to get rid of things they are posting here. In most cases, they will post, “First come, first serve.” If someone knows you are coming, they might be willing to hold the item for you. Hey, it’s worth a shot!



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