Cruising For Cheap

I will be the first to admit that cruises are not my favorite way to travel. What is my favorite thing about traveling is being around great people and eating great food, both of which happen on cruises.

When you come from a family of divorced parents with older step siblings that all have their own families, the easiest and most affordable way to get everyone in one place is to cruise.

We live in Arizona, so the cruises that go out of California are just a quick drive away. Between the money we save on driving (instead of flying) and the amazing cruise deals we find, it’s a no brainer. Year-to-date I have been on a whopping 18 cruises.

From 3 day getaways to 2 week adventures, I have made memories to last a lifetime.

Cruise Deals

3 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Cruise:

  1. Book an inside cabin. Balconies and suites are beautiful, but you can walk to another floor to get a great view at any time. With all the fun activities, dinner, and shows there is no need to spend the extra money on a room you won’t be spending much time in.
  2. Go during off-peak seasons. Cruises are widely popular for families so some of their busiest seasons are during school holidays and the summer. I have found that for cruises to Mexico, the most affordable time to go is December-February. And hey, if you know there is a cruise around the corner you might stop the holiday pounds from packing on.
  3. Price match. There are many cruise sites that will guarantee you are getting the best price. Some of the most popular are Expedia, Cruise Direct, and Orbitz. You can book with confidence knowing that if the price drops you are getting your money back. Tip- Set a saved search on three cruise websites and check them weekly for price drops.


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