Discount Halloween Costumes and Decor

There are simple and cost effective ways to look your best on Halloween. On a holiday where literally anything goes, don’t get trapped into spending big bucks on a costume that will be tossed aside next year.

Borrow a costume/Use a hand-me-down

A simple facebook post to your network asking for an old Halloween costumes could save you time, energy, and money. We are lucky to live in an age of social media. Use it to your advantage and reach out to your network.

After finishing the book Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, I sought out to watch the film. With no video rental store in site, and nothing coming up in Redbox, I made a quick post to facebook in search of the film. Within an hour, I had a colleague who agreed to let me have her copy.

Ask and you shall receive.

Buy a signature piece and combine it with something you already have


A simple mask, hat, or logo can change a classy black dress into something entirely different. The best part about a home made Halloween costume is you never have to worry about showing up to a party and matching someone else.

So get you DYI on and stand out this season!

Re-purpose a thrift store find

How many times have you seen some old sweater, 80’s jumpsuit, or outdated wedding dress at a thrift store? Take a page from the movie, Mean Girls, and re-purpose a wedding dress this year for a totally unique costume.

You can even shorten it and wear it again.”- thank’s 27 dresses.

Go to a dollar store

Many dollar stores are filled with Halloween decor and costumes. Whether you are buying a mask, wings, or home decor these dollar Halloween items are sure to keep you on budget and make you look great!

Just recently, I used a masquerade mask to make a 20’s head piece, which I combined with a dress I had. Just like that I was a girl from the Great Gatsby!

Make face paint your costume


Face paint is the best way to transform you or your children into something totally unique for Halloween.

From painting a spider web on your face to going full on Day of the Dead, you can transform your look for under $5.


This year don’t spend a ton of Halloween decor and costumes.


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