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Some may argue that the flight experience is just as important as the destination. In my frugal world of traveling, flights are a means of transportation, taken when the factors of time and money are thoroughly exhausted.

Last year, I took a 17 day trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. A limited American vacation days caused time to be of the essence. A friend and I spent hours scouting out websites to ensure that our international and domestic flights were the cheapest and fastest modes of transportation.

3 tips for both international and domestic flight deals:
1. Use websites with flexible date searches.

Many domestic flight companies, such as Frontier, Southwest, Air Asia etc. offer a search option that gives prices based on flexible dates. So you can see price variances by day. This feature:

Flight Flexible Dates

2. Use search engines and set up alerts for prize drops.

Optimizing your search span is vital. This is especially important for international travel. Four of my top sites are Skiplagged, Sky Scanner,, and Airfarewatchdog. When I do not have the time to look at flight deals daily, I use Airfarewatchdog, a site that alerts you when prices drop to specific locations. I also use this to take impromptu weekend getaways. One of the hacks to the sites is to plug in your “From” state and then simply search. It will come up with the cheapest destinations from the city you are in.

3. Travel on local airlines.

Put your Sherlock Holmes’ skills to the test. During our travel in SE Asia we read a lot of blogs on how to get from city to city on a budget. Many times we would find smaller airlines that were not picked up on search engines. Start looking to traveler’s blogs to find out what cheap airlines exist and what the best ways are to get from city to city.


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