Free Entrance to National Parks

National park’s entrance fees can range from $5-$30 from per car to per person. There is nothing less appealing to outdoor enthusiasts than fees that limit their ability to explore some of natures most extraordinary sites.

What you may not know is that most National parks offer days throughout the year in which their entrance fee is either free or discounted.

In order to find free or discounted entrance days you should start by going to the parks website. The Grand Canyon offers several free days throughout the year that can be seen on their website.

Click here to see the Grand Canyon’s free Entrance Days.

If you are an avid national park explorer you may even think about looking into annual or season passes. These passes can save you quite a bit of money if you are becoming a regular at a national park.

If you are headed on an ultimate adventure to explore several of the United State’s federal parks, The America the Beautiful: National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands annual pass if the way to go. For $80 you get daily access to federal parks across the country. If you are planning a trip several to state or national parks click here to check out the annual pass.


For United States Citizens 65 years or older you can purchase a lifetime pass to over 2000 Federal recreation sites across the national. This lifetime pass is only $20. Click here to learn more about senior pass.

Happy exploring!
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