Living Frugal Locally

This month I have a good friend visiting me from the Netherlands. Being that it is her first time in America, I am dying to show her everything! As you can imagine doing everything can take a toll on both our wallets.

To offset the cost of our venturous appetite for new experiences we are living local. We have implemented a few easy habits to make her two months in America both enjoyable and affordable.

Tips to Living Frugal Locally

1. Find free city and state events. Most cities have local websites with event calendars. Some of my favorite for Arizona are AZ Central, Downtown Tempe, and Experience Scottsdale.

2. Check out free or inexpensive events through worldwide networking and event groups. Two of my favorite sites to find community are Meetup  and Couchsurfing. Meetup is an amazing website that allow people to create groups around hobbies, ideas, and events. You can browse groups in any zip code and join their upcoming events. Some of the groups have small fees for the year, but are often worth it. Couchsurfing is a community that allows you to stay with locals, host travelers, join local events and couch surfers.

3. Dine on a Dime. Click here to check out tips from my blog article on saving money while eating out.

4. BYOB (bring your own booze) or have a drink before the bar. Since my friend has been visiting we have attended two free concerts in Phoenix. If you have been to a concert in a big city before you know that the drink prices are extremely expensive. In order to save our wallets and sanity, we went to a local convenient store (walking distance from the concert) and bought some alcohol that we drank in an alley while walking to the concert. At another one of the concerts we used oversize jackets to bring in our own beer and made sure it was the same beer they were selling at the concert.

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