Restaurant Week 101~ 3 Tips to Indulging In Restaurant Week

Calling all foodies…


With spring Restaurant Week kicking off in Arizona on May 20, it is no better time to talk about the best ways to indulge.

Never heard of Restaurant Week before? Your taste buds and wallet are in for a real treat.

Restaurant Week is a week long event that happens two times a year in many cities in the US. During this week restaurants offer a 3-5 course menu at a discounted price.

It is both a celebration of food and an excellent way to try that five-star restaurant you have been eying.

Prices on these prix-fixe menus range from $22-$55, depending on the city you are in.

In Arizona, spring Restaurant Week goes from May 20-29, with three course meals at $33 or $44.

Before you start you head out to indulge in these savory deals here are some tips to benefit your wallet and taste buds from this wealth of dining experiences:

Check Out the Prix-Fixe Menu in Advance


Often times the 3-5 course meals consist of some of a restaurants most popular drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

For some restaurants their entrees could normally cost $35-$50 alone, which is a huge reason why Restaurant Week is such a big deal. However, there are some restaurants whose prix-fixe menus do not boost quite the bang for your buck.

For example, I found an Arizona restaurant whose prix-fixe menu was $44 for 3 courses and a glass of wine or beer. Then when I looked closer at the prix-fixe menu, I found that the appetizers listed ranged in price(on the normal menu) from $8-$12, entrees from $15-$21, and desserts from $8-$12. So even if you got the most expensive menu items you would only be saving a $1 and be getting a free drink.

There are definitely better deals to be had.

Click Here for Arizona Restaurant Week’s dates, menus, prices, and participating restaurants.

If you are not located in Arizona, no worries. Just simply type into google your city’s name, followed by “restaurant week” and you are sure to find the closest one.

Make a Reservation


Many of the five-star restaurants will have high demand. Ensure you have a seat by calling ahead to get a reservation.

This is especially recommended when you have a party of four or more.

Nothing is worse then getting to a restaurant while hungry and finding out there is an hour wait.

Try More by Sharing


Many of the Restaurant Week menu’s boost some of the best food that the restaurant has to offer. Since you get 3-5 courses in the prix-fixe menu, you must get creative in order to try it all.

Use your resources and start negotiations with your table. Sharing your dishes will ensure that no dish goes untasted.

Happy Restaurant Week Arizona!





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