Tips to Getting a Discounted Airbnb

As a former Airbnb Superhost, I want to let you in on a little secret. You can negotiate the price! The best way to get a discounted Airbnb is to negotiate the price. Prices on Airbnb are managed by the host, so the end decision on what they charge is up to them.

Newsflash: The price you see at the end includes the Airbnb fee and the host has no power over that price.

Keep in mind that hosts are people too. Respect their business (their home). Only negotiate what you think would be fair to receive if you were the host. Hosts pay all the utilities and take on the mortgage, with the hope that they will break even or make some money. So love on them and be rational with your negotiating.

You can start the negotiating process by simply messaging the host through Airbnb. You will often see a link on their property listing that says, “Contact Host.” You can inquire here, or through the Request to Book section.

3 Tips to Negotiate Your Next Airbnb

  1. Wait until the last minute. Hosts are looking to fill their space and often times they would rather give a discount than have a vacant weekend. Waiting until the last minute could save you some cash.
  2. Stay longer. Often times, hosts have discounts built in for weekly and monthly stays. If you do not see a weekly or monthly price listed, then offer one.
  3. Go during off-peak days or seasons. Traveling to Arizona in the 100 degree summers may not be your thing, but if you haven’t tubed down the Salt Lake River then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Off-peak seasons and weekdays are usually accompanied by hotel discounts, so look up what the going rate is and negotiate away.



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